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By choosing one of the activities in our Indigenous Experiences you will immerse yourself in a genuine experience that takes you to a deeper understanding about the past and the present in the everyday life of the Atacameñan (Lickan-Antai) people.

The authenticity in these tours assures a genuine experience, with the intention to help us understand how the life of the atacameños has been and still is being molded by the Andean “cosmovision” (worldview). How to live in permanent and direct relation side by side to nature, humans and “Pachamama” (Mother Earth) today.

Here is the different areas you can take part in. 

Ancient caravan with llamas

Production of the chañar syrup

 Wine route, Highland vintners “Ayllu”

Process of preparation of “Patasca”, typical food

The old tradition of the Virgin Mari in Atacama







Please note that the people we work with in these activities don´t live on tourism but carry out other occupation in their daily life and will not always have the possibility to greet us, therefore the specific activity will be confirmed upon arrival.

These activities opens up a world of new understanding in the tradition and importance of these harsh lands agriculture, cattle breeding, alimentation or ancient medicine of the local culture.  The natives of this land are in a process of adaption that hasn’t been easy, especially for the descendants of the old communities.

The indigenous experience also includes a walk through the town of San Pedro de Atacama or the “ayllus” in which we get to know history, culture and challenges of the village.


SEMI-PRIVATE SERVICE: High quality standard services with a maximum of 10 passengers per group, most of them from hotels that work with us. Our bilingual guides (spanish – english) assure a personalized service.

The days and hours of the excursions may vary depending on the season, climatic conditions and the groups that we form. The final itinerary will be confirmed upon arrival in San Pedro, but even during your stay it can vary depending on the mentioned conditions, we will be informing immediately about any change.

Bilingual Guide Water & snack
Cultural Activity Pick-up from your hotel


The area of the basin of the Atacama Salt Flat is established as an “Area of Indigenous Development”. Here resides the atacameñan (or Lickan-Antai) culture – an indigenous culture more than 12.000 years old – which recently has been recognized by the Chilean state as an ethnos or “pueblo originario” (name collectively used for indigenous communities in America). It is a folk that still conserves traditions and customs from this era. Their language, Kunza, sadly has gone lost, and today remain barely a few words, most of which are associated to the names of places.

Being in San Pedro de Atacama, the cradle of the atacameñan culture and its centre of development, it is indispensable to approach this millennial heritage. Travelling through the silent sceneries of the Atacama desert and finding ourselves in the middle of this defiantly dry and impressively solemn place, one can´t help but think about these men and women who, for centuries, moved through these lands with their animal caravans; who had to survive by hunt and the recollection of wild fruit; who quarried stones with dogged and infinite patience to fabricate tools for survival; and who finally conquered this land and dominated it. It is impossible to not imagine a mysterious past that appears in the rocks painted by the hands of men whose spirits still seem to whisper with the whistling of the wind, as if they were longing to tell stories about ceremonies and immemorial rituals. Today, their descendants show us something that will settle within ourselves, maybe an experience or a thinking that we should assimilate from the ones that live in the desert and its hamlets today; an experience that we can take with us in our memory forever.
It is for that reason that we integrate indigenous and community tourism into our concept in the form of an experience to get an impression of the daily life and the occupations that characterize the life in the desert and the promontory. This allows us to understand the importance and challenges of agriculture, cattle breeding, alimentation or ancient medicine of the local culture. As part of this experience we visit other villages in the surroundings and/or “ayllus”* that form San Pedro de Atacama: Vilama, Larache, Sequitor, Tulor, Solcor, Quitor, Coyo, Beter, Yaye, Poconche, Cúcuter, Checar, Solor, Catarpe.

*Ayllu is the name given to old social units of the Lickan-Antai or Atacameño culture where several families lived together in agro-pastoral communities created by lineage and descendants.




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Duración4 horas


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  • Vestimenta: ropa cómoda, zapatos para caminar.
  • Artículos personales: bloqueador solar, sombrero, lentes.

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Precio incluye:

  • Guía Bilingüe español – inglés
  • Recogida desde su hotel
  • Agua y snack


La reserva debe ser confirmada con a lo menos 10 días de antelación, a través del pago  del 100% del valor total del programa.

SERVICIO SEMI PRIVADO: Servicio Superior, alto estándar de calidad, compartido con máximo 10 pasajeros por grupo, con guía – conductor profesional bilingüe español – inglés y atención personalizada. Los días y horario de las excursiones pueden variar dependiendo de la estación del año, condiciones climáticas y los grupos que se van formando.

El itinerario final será confirmado al momento de su llegada a San Pedro e incluso puede variar durante su estadía, cuando se trata de programas de varios días, dependiendo de las condiciones mencionadas e intentando respetar los mismos o similares horarios. Le estaremos informando inmediatamente ante cualquier posible modificación.

Nuestros servicios en semi privado son en base a dos personas, lo cual significa que cuando es solo una persona y no hay más reservas debe pagar el mínimo de dos. SI al momento de la excursión se suman más pasajeros entonces le haremos la devolución del adicional cancelado, menos un porcentaje (5%) de costos administrativos.

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