2 1/2 hours
2400 m.a.s.l.

The Atacama region has one of the most star-spangled skies in the world which can be observed thanks to the extraordinary diaphanousness of the desert air.

We observe the beauty and solemnity of celestial bodies in a unique environment: in the middle of the driest desert of the world. Prepared guides will help us combine the traditional scientific astronomy with the ancient Andean vision that had the first astronomers in this place, long before the first telescope was used.

DEPARTURE TIME 15-30 minutes before the start time of the tour DEPARTURE LOCATION Hotel
The days and hours of the excursions may vary depending on the season, climatic conditions and the groups that we form. The final itinerary will be confirmed upon arrival in San Pedro, but even during your stay it can vary depending on the mentioned conditions, we will be informing immediately about any change.

BEWARE! Note that this tour is only possible when the sky is clear and there is no moon light. All the observatories and our astronomic tour is closed one week before and two days after the full moon occur. Also, in case of a very cloudy day we might have to cancel the tour and you can rearrange your tour or get refunded, except from the booking fee. Please, to make the reservation email us to info@trekana.cl

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The worldview of the habitants of the Andes is closely related to the firmament, which reflects the life on earth and the transcendent life of the spirits. To this day, the Yatiris and Amautas (wise men of the Andean cultures) follow their traditions in accordance with the movements in the sky, and especially in relation to the movement of the Milky Way. There they find representations of the majority of the most important animals of their cosmovisión and the daily life of the habitants of the Andes, such as the llama, tinamou, toad, snake and sheep. This way, the movement of the constellations has shown for thousands of years – and to this day – the right moment to seed, harvest, celebrate, entreat, thank and pay homage to the defunct. Like this, the sky provides the Andean man the necessary knowledge to live in this difficult desertic environment, as much regarding the agricultural activity as the spiritual rituality, both of which are always closely related to each.

The observation of the stars has momentousness so much bigger than mere observation.






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Please be ready at the time stated on your reservation confirmation.     (Departure and return time depend of the time of the year and will be confirmed in the moment of the reservation. )

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Conversation about astronomy in specially equipped auditorium.       

Contemplation of constellations

Contemplation of constellations and other celestial bodies with naked eye.          


Observation through the telescope.  


What to bring?

  • Very warm clothing (several layers, woollen hat, gloves, boots).

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