We visit the famous Cejar lagoon to enjoy a bath floating on the saline waters. The excursion also includes a short stop at the “Ojos del Salar”  and a visit to the Tebinquinche Lagoon full of stunning formations and vistas. A drum therapy in the Center of Ancestral Medicine of the indigenous community of Coyo allows us to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and a cocktail in a pleasant state of relaxation.

Please note: We offer this half day tour in the morning and in the afternoon. All the places we visit are quiter and less crowded in the morning, since nearly all the agencies visit the Cejar and Tebinquinche Lagoons in the afternoon. Both options include a cocktail – the one in the morning at the end of the tour at the Cejar Lagoon, the one in the afternoon for sunset at the Tebinquinche Lagoon.
The two options have different prices since the entrance to the Cejar Lagoon is cheaper in the morning. To book the tour in the afternoon please contact us at info@trekana.cl.
SEMI-PRIVATE SERVICE: High quality standard services with a maximum of 10 passengers per group, most of them from hotels that work with us. Our bilingual guides (spanish – english) assure a personalized service.

The days and hours of the excursions may vary depending on the season, climatic conditions and the groups that we form. The final itinerary will be confirmed upon arrival in San Pedro, but even during your stay it can vary depending on the mentioned conditions, we will be informing immediately about any change.

Admission tickets Cocktail  Towels
Bilingual Guide Water  Pick-up from your hotel


Cejar Lagoon

A small lagoon in the Atacama Salt Flat with fascinating white borders of crystallized salt and intense turquoise water, the Cejar Lagoon is one of the most famous spots around San Pedro. Apart from often being able to observe Flamingos and Coots, it is possible to have a refreshing bath in the lagoon and experience the relaxing effect of floating in the by salt saturated water.

The Cejar Lagoon is administrated by the indigenous community of Solor.

Tebinquinche Lagoon

Located in the northern periphery of the Atacama Salt Flat, the characteristics of the Tebinquinche Lagoon are similar to the ones of the Chaxa Lagoon, regarding both flora and fauna as well as the fluctuation of its waters which depend on the snow melting and the yearly rains.

Administrated by the indigenous community of Coyo, there have been important scientific investigations on the presence of extremophile communities in the lagoon: Due to the extreme conditions of the Atacama desert and its special ecosystems this is one of the few areas on the planet where stromatolites – also known as “living rocks” – have been found. These are structures formed by extremophile microorganisms that precipitate minerals and that recreate the oldest fossils of our planet.

On one side of the Tebinquinche Lagoon the indigenous community of Coyo built the Center of Ancestral Medicine where diverse activities around ancestral rituals and procedures for healing and relaxation are carried out. The focus lies on the wisdom and knowledge of the usage and properties of mud, minerals and herbs that have been used as a form of medicine since antiquity in the area.

Ojos del Salar

Close to the Tebenquinche Lagoon we visit the Ojos del Salar (“Eyes of the Salt Flat”) – two nearly perfectly round lagoons with less salty water and a misterious and unexplored deep bottom.




8:30-9:00 Pickup from your hotel

Please be ready at the stated time.     (Departure and return time depend of the time of the year and will be confirmed in the moment of the reservation. )

Tebinquinche Lagoon

We enjoy the amazing views and observe the unique formations of this special ecosystem. We partake in a Drum Therapy where the sound of the instruments will leave us pleasantly relaxed.

Ojos del Salar

We make a short stop to get to know these 2 famous round and very deep lagoons.

Cejar Lagoon

While we enjoy a refreshing and relaxing bath floating in the saline water of the Cejar Lagoon, the guide prepares a cocktail.

13:00-13:30 Hotel


What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothing, walking shoes. Bathing togs.
  • Warm clothing for the cool hour in the morning, especially in winter (May to August).
  • Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, lip balm.

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