2500 m.a.s.l.
Dirt trails, uneven floor, river rocks
Path Conditions
3 hours
Duración Caminata

The Moon Valley it is located on the mountain range of the salt. there we will visit the impressive landscape  of the Valley of the Moon and enjoy its different viewpoints, to enjoy the stunning landscapes. In this valley we will visit different places like the main dune  and  the viewpoint of the Achaches, with the  beautiful views of the “central crater”, at the end of are journey we will taste  a delicious snack on the Cross of the salt mountain range.  With the help of our guides we will learn about the geology,  the history, culture and challenges of the town of San Pedro de Atacama.

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The Moon Valley 

The Moon Valley  located in the middle of the mountain range of the salt is an area of ​​sculptural rock formations, where the salinity of the salt flat emerges covering the landscape of a whitish and dry mantle, that gives the place a similar appearance to the surface lunar Between dunes and extensions of crystallized plaster stones, small hills and sharp ridges, in which the erosion has created particular figures that with  thanks to the effects of light it  takes different aspects. The valley is part of the Flamencos National Reserve (CONAF) and is managed by the indigenous communities of Coyo, San Pedro, Quitor, Séquitor, Larache and Yaye.


Salt Mountain Range

In between this mountain range we find the valley of the moon. this valley rise from the salt flat, giving to this mountain and valley a spectacular geological phenomenon.. Composed of large deposits of salt, gypsum and greasy reddish earth. This mountain range offers a landscape rich in natural sculptures. In it we can also find magnificent caves with stalactites, sharp ridges, a landscape of unique morphology and a stunning view towards the Salar and the volcanoes of the region.


About the Trekking:

After the pick-up at your hotel, we will go to the Moon Valley, where we will visit a number of places such as, Las tres Marías, sculptural figures product of natural erosion. We will also visit the old Victoria mine, where the salt was taken from this valley, and also the mining camp. Another of our stops will be the Achaches viewpoint which is next to two amazingly white hills. The walk to the viewpoint is 590 meters, reaching the highest point of the route, 2580 meters above sea level. Within this experience we will also visit the Duna mayor, where we can take a walk along the paths, from where we can appreciate the Salt Mountain range, the Andes and Domeyko mountains.


Additional information

Duration4 Hours



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Valle de la Luna

Caminaremos por los senderos habilitados de este lugar, para poder conocer sus grandes hitos como por ejemplo, la Duna Mayor, Las 3 Marías, El mirador de Achaches, la antigua mina Victoria, entre otros

Aperitivo en la cruz sobre la Cordillera de la Sal

Para finalizar esta excursión, disfrutaremos de un rico aperitivo en la cruz sobre la cordillera de la Sal.

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Moon Valley

We will walk along the enabled trails of this place, in order to know its great landmarks such as, for example, the Greater Dune, Las 3 Marías, the Achaches viewpoint, the old Victoria mine, among others.

Appetizer at the cross over the Cordillera de la Sal

To end this excursion, we will enjoy a delicious aperitif at the cross over the Cordillera de la Sal.

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¿Qué llevar?

  • Vestimenta: ropa cómoda, zapatos para caminar
  • Artículos personales: Bloqueador solar, sombrero, lentes.

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What to bring?

  • Clothing: comfortable clothes, walking shoes
  • Personal items: sunscreen, hat, glasses.

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    • appetizer
    • tickets
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PRIVATE SERVICE: High quality standard services. Bilingual professional driver-guide that assures a very personalized service. Apart from being Tailor-made, our private services allow for changes in the suggested itinerary, such as time and considered stops (providing that working hours of guides and/or drivers are not altered).

(except Astronomy Tour, max 13 passengers)

The days and hours of the excursions may vary depending on the season and climatic conditions. The final itinerary will be confirmed upon arrival in San Pedro, but even during your stay it can vary depending on the mentioned conditions, we will be informing immediately about any changes.

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