4 1/2 hours
2400 m.a.s.l.

“A bite of Atacama” invites us to discover the best local cuisine and culinary gems of San Pedro de Atacama on a 4 hour walking tour – a great way to spend a delicious and entertaining morning, getting to know local food, discovering new flavours and learning about food heritage as well as culture and history of the Andean region.

There´s no pick-up service. The guide meets you at 9:30am on the main square, corner of the church.
Breakfast Tasting of traditional products  Alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks
Lunch  Bilingual Guide


Ever had a ‘Rica Rica Pale Ale’? Wonder how a coca leave or chañar ice cream tastes like? Eager to try a Chilean empanada with llama meat? The culinary tour invites you to try delicious varieties of tea, ice cream, lemonade and pisco sour, locally produced jam and honey, one of the best mote con huesillo, handcrafted beer and savoury dishes that combine international and Atacameño cuisine.

The tour centres on 4 key aspects:

  • SAMPLE the best local eateries, from small bakeries to iconic food trucks and stands, to the most characteristic restaurants.
  • LEARN about food tradition & heritage, as well as the culture and history of the Andean region.
  • DISCOVER new flavors, hidden alleyways and best kept secrets of life in the desert.
  • ENJOY culinary treasures that represent the extraordinary variety of distinctive products of this region.






09:30 am

Meeting at the main square, corner of the church.

Breakfast & refreshing drink

After an introduction on Atacameñan and Andean history and culture – always with a focus on food – we have a delicious breakfast in one of San Pedro´s most iconic cafés, with the best bread and different local products. After that we visit a famous street stand to try the most Chilean refreshment drink.

Visit to a craft brewery

Before midday we spend half an hour getting to know a craft brewery, it´s products and the process of beer brewing – with local flavours! 

Lunch in 2 parts

We taste typical Chilean and international dishes with Andean influences in 2 restaurants, accompanied by craft beer and locally flavoured pisco sour. There´s a stroll through more traditional (and less touristy) parts of San Pedro between the tastings – including a surprise tasting.  

Dessert and Infusion

After lots of food and delicious drinks a refreshing dessert awaits us. We then finish the tour around 2pm with an infusion made from a local herb that has been used for centuries by the local people for a good digestion.  


What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothing, walking shoes.
  • Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, lip balm.
  • A small bottle of water.

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