… a company formed by a team of nature lovers, specialized in the composition of trips and experiences with focus on the  protection of the surrounding natural and cultural environments, and the important interaction between nature and people.

One of our main purposes is to connect people with nature and guide them to discover the tranquility, understanding and ease that it brings us. We seek to generate significant experiences by linking people with their environment and their cultural roots.

For this we have designed a program of varied excursions and experiences where you can discover nature, culture, history and also have som relaxation. Each activity is prepared by a multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience in tourism, which is also responsible for guiding each excursion.
We work to connect people with each other and with the different voices of the inhabitants of the areas we visit. The human factor is always present and important in our philosophy of life and in our work.


Producto local

Our sustainable commitment to the environment.

To guarantee the sustainable process of this activity, we work under the concept -Minimal Impact- and -Leave No Trace-
We maintain a policy of minimal waste, and is always aiming for a low carbon footprint which also translates into our support and focus on small local production, as we try to use as many local products as possible.



The high standard in the service we offer require our total commitment. We work in two lines of management that provide feedback: The direct delivery of an excellent service to our customers and the working conditions for our team. Through this mindset we hope to create a virtuous dynamic that favors all those who participate in Trekana.


Respect and Integration

Not only do we have a responsibility to the natural and scenic wealth of the areas we visit, but also to those who historically have inhabited this powerful land. Our interest is to approach local cultures and empathize with their way of life and their worldview. The search for integration among us humans and respect for the local inhabitants, will open a new universe of understanding and a mutual respect.


For 7 years we have been dedicated to offer sustainable tourism experiences, focusing on creating deep ties with nature and the local communities. Trekana was born as a nature tourism operator in 2010 in the Valparaíso region. Initially focussed on outdoor activities such as trekking, horseback riding, climbing, team building for companies, among other activities, especially in the area of the Campana – Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve and La Campana National Park. We organized the events “1st MTB Mountain Bike Olmué Challenge 2011” and the “1st Olmué Running Cross Country Challenge 2011”.
In 2012 we started with Tree Climbing, a pioneering project in Chile and we created Tree Climbing Chile as a branch of Trekana, an organization dedicated exclusively to promoting conservation and approaching trees through this activity.